Project Overview

  • Removal of existing carriageway and construction of new, to proposed levels, incorporating entrance way improvements allowing access for larger vehicles, new parking spaces and kerb lines, white lining, and manhole covers and gullies raised to suit new levels. 
  • Pathway widened and extended, red block paviours introduced to replace existing paving and raised crossings. 
  • Existing steps replaced with new ramped access. 
  • New steel bollards, replanting and landscaping to green areas 

Site specific issues included

  1. Dealing with pedestrian access throughout the works, as well as around fire exits and office entrances. A traffic management system was necessary and put into place successfully. 
  2. Short lead-in period - The contract was awarded at very short notice, due to the scheme originally being over budget and the subsequent re-negotiation and value engineering process. This meant once awarded we were left with a very short lead in period. We were able to mitigate this by utilising our directly employed labour and established supply chain. 

Added Value

Before starting on site we took time into looking at the specification and in two areas we proposed significant alterations. Firstly we suggested that the block paving along the bus route be relooked at, as in our experience block paving in highways, and particularly along bus routes, was prone to failure. We felt that a coloured SMA product would be preferable. We tabled our alternate specification which was accepted by our client and the consultants. We then looked at the sub-base under the block paving in the footpaths, again our proposals were accepted by the client and their consultants. 

We were able to make significant cost savings whilst not compromising the structural integrity of the highway. 

Value: £350,000

Completion: September 2014 

The final product is now used by the University of Southampton as the benchmark for other contractors working at the faculty.